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Save 10 % on all moves between April 1st and June 21st.

*On all moves that will take place from January 1st to March 31st we will give  17 % discount to our services. Not included are already discounted quotes as well as moving suppliences and transportation.


Service is not just a routine for us. Every customer is different, and because of

that we have individual offerings to meet your specific needs.

We understand you.


For over 20 years, we have given our best, everyday. Trust the honesty, reliability, and expertise of our family business.

We are on your side.

Moving isn't just a change of location. It's a chance for a new start and the beginning of a new home. Whether the path is easy or difficult is decided by the choice of the right moving company. We want to convince you that by choosing our company the process will be completely uncomplicated and worry free.


The Siegel Umzüge GmbH & Co. KG lives over 20 years with the vision of a "pleased customer". With you wepersonally plan and organize your move to the finest detail. With our modern moving trucks and our highly trained employees we offer you the best possible moving experience.

Trust in a family business that knows its values. Trust in our honesty, reliability, and expertise.


The opinion of our customers is important. Because of that we place a special value

on a good communication before and after your move.

We work with you.


We offer you the latest tools and services to make your moving experience as easy as possible. The fastest way to move is by filling out our moving list which you can find right in the section down below.

We support you.


With our experience and know-how, we would like to help you from the planning to the completion to make your move as

easy as possible.

We are there for you.


Siegel Umzüge GmbH & Co. KG

Willi-Werner-Str. 6

65199 Wiesbaden

Telephone: 0611 22020

Fax: 0611 21010

Email: info@siegel-umzug.de


(0611) 22020



(069) 21028779 *

Wir sind der perfekte Partner für Ihren Umzug in Frankfurt, Mainz und im Gesamten Rhein-Main-Gebiet.
Wir sind eingetragener Spediteur im Bundesverband für Möbelspedition und Logistik.

*free call forwarding to our headquaters in Wiesbaden.

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